By leaving or sending your item it is understood that you are in agreeance with our terms and conditions.

Prices of services offered are liable to change at any time without notice, and we reserve the right to modify or discontinue a service (or any part of the service) without notice.

We do not undertake work on items made of base metals.

We provide an initial estimate for repair, on receipt of your item, which is understood as accepted when leaving said item. This estimate is subject to change following jeweller inspection. Where repair cannot be completed within the initial agreed estimate, we would notify you as soon as reasonably possible of any additional charges. At this stage there is no obligation to accept and proceed, however depending on the extent of investigations required there may be a charge payable to cover labour and materials if declined. No work will be carried out prior to confirmation of a revised estimate in writing from you.

We will always notify you of any material and labour costs required over and above our initial estimate before proceeding with no obligation.

We do our best to provide an accurate turnaround time for any repair, however this is only an estimated time frame. We will do our best to keep you informed, however we cannot be held responsible for any extension/delays caused due to circumstances outside of our control.

We do our best to provide an accurate turnaround time for any repair, however this is only an estimated time frame. We will do our best to keep you informed, however we cannot be held responsible for any extension/delays caused due to circumstances outside of our control.

Whilst we work with the utmost care and attention, and will do our best to make you aware of any obvious risks before commencing any repair, we would ask you to be mindful that no repair is free of risk and you therefore agree to the commencement of the repair under your own risk. There are times where parts and materials may break or fail during normal repair due to wear and tear. We cannot accept liability for such breakages as they are beyond our control and could not be reasonably foreseen.

Precious stones are particularly vulnerable during repairs due to their structure and existing and natural flaws contained there in making them more susceptible to fracture, especially in the event of removal from setting or re-clawing. We cannot be held responsible for the replacement of any broken or damaged stones that occur due to natural causes.

Some metals become brittle over time and may have undergone past plating treatment. We cannot be held responsible for any deterioration, discolouration that occurs following repair/finishing due to the condition of the metal and/or past treatment we have not been made aware of.

We may also request a deposit in advance of repair where any materials are needed for replacement.

Once we receive your confirmation to proceed with the quoted work, you are fully liable to make payment for the full work carried out and any additional materials quoted for, and items will only be returned to you upon full receipt of payment.

We offer a 6 month warranty from the date of completion on repairs unless otherwise stated. Any work carried out under the warranty period does not extend the original warranty given. 

Any warranty given on the repair will be limited to the exact repair and does not cover damage or deterioration caused by accident, misuse or mishandling. 

In the event of a fault covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any parts required and/or rectify the fault identified by the Jeweller.

We reserve the right to keep or dispose of any materials which we have replaced – unless you have requested otherwise and explicitly agreed prior to proceeding. 

We assume no responsibility for items not claimed within three months following the completion of the repair, and you acknowledge and agree that items not claimed within this timeframe may at our discretion be disposed of or sold without liability to the customer.

Whilst we make every endeavour to secure and protect any items left by you, you accept that any loss or damage that occurs to your item is at your own risk. All claims will be limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement and must be accompanied by an up-to-date valuation or original receipt.

Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances or if we are unable to complete a repair that was outlined in the estimate. Where a refund is made it will normally be paid in full but this is at the reasonable discretion of the jeweller. 

Upon collection of your item you will need to provide the original receipt and may be asked for photographic ID such as passport or driving licence matching the name and address shown on the receipt.

You accept that you must reasonably inspect your item upon collection to ensure acceptable condition and satisfactory repair completed. We cannot be held responsible for any subsequent damage that occurs once your item has left our care.

Additional conditions relating to postal repairs

We advise that you contact us prior to posting your item for repair to make sure there is a reasonable chance we may be able to undertake such repairs. You will need to include your name, address, contact details and description of fault requiring repair. 

In some cases, we may not be able to confirm possibility of repair by phone or e-mail prior to jeweller’s inspection. In the event we are unable to assist with the repair/service of an item received by post. There will be a minimum return postage cost of £12 payable by you.

We do not accept repairs by post outside of the United Kingdom.

Where items are received by post, the postal charge is payable by you and you are responsible for ensuring the correct and safe packaging of your item. We cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred during transit.

We charge a minimum of £12 for return postage and insurance on all repairs/services, which is subject to change depending on the value of your item and level of insurance cover required.

Where a repair under warranty is returned by post, any postage charges covered will be at our discretion.

All items are returned via Royal Mail registered post with insurance cover. We will provide a tracking number upon posting, but please allow 10 days for receipt but no more than 20 days before notifying us of any lost parcels. Whilst we will do our best to ensure the safe return of your items, we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred. Any insurance claim for lost parcels will be undertaken on a goodwill basis and due to a number of variables it may not be possible for an identical replacement to be arranged.